API reference#

xarray_einstats is structured in modules. Each module contains wrappers to objects of a single library.

This keeps the library organized and eases handling of optional dependencies: modules are not imported when importing the library, only when importing the module. Each module explains its optional dependencies (if any) and if necessary gives specific installation advise.

Top level functions#

Moreover, it also provides some convenience functions in the top-level namespace:

Stats, linear algebra and einops for xarray.

sort(da, dim, **kwargs)

Sort along dimension using DataArray values.

empty_ref(*args, dims[, dtype])

Create an empty DataArray from reference object(s).

ones_ref(*args, dims[, dtype])

Create a ones DataArray from reference object(s).

zeros_ref(*args, dims[, dtype])

Create a zeros DataArray from reference object(s).