Contributing overview#

Before contributing#

Welcome to xarray-einstats! Before contributing to the project, make sure that you read our code of conduct

Contributing code#

  1. Set up a Python development environment (advice: use venv, virtualenv, or miniconda)

  2. Install tox: python -m pip install tox

  3. Clone the repository

  4. Start a new branch off main: git switch -c new-branch main

  5. Install the library in editable mode: pip install -e ".[einops,numba]" (note: requires pip>=21.3)

  6. Make your code changes (and try them as you work)

  7. Check that your code follows the style guidelines of the project: tox -e reformat && tox -e check

  8. (optional) Build the documentation with tox -e docs. Note that tox commands cleandocs and viewdocs, more details about each command in Contributing reference are also available

  9. (optional) Run the tests: tox -e py39 (change the version number according to the Python you are using)

  10. Commit, push, and open a pull request!