You can install xarray-eistats with

pip install xarray-einstats
pip install xarray-einstats @ git+

or, to install some of its optional dependencies, with

pip install "xarray-einstats[<option>]"
pip install "xarray-einstats[<option>] @ git+"

you can install multiple bundles of optional dependencies separating them with commas. Thus, to install all user facing optional dependencies you should use xarray-einstats[einops,numba]

After installation, independently of the command chosen, you can import it with import xarray_einstats.


Not all modules are loaded when importing the library to keep some dependencies optional. Check the help of each module to see what they need to work.

Currently, optional dependency bundles include:

  • einops

  • numba

  • test (for developers)

  • doc (for developers)